It has an easy to use Risk Assessment tool which makes completing dynamic onsite/location risk assessments easy. It will be customised to your industry sector.

Engage Employees

A strong safety programme has open lines of communication between employees and managers. If you only address safety through a punishment-based model, employees may become afraid to raise safety concerns or ask questions. They are the ones who will notice and encounter hazards before anyone else, so if they know they can raise concerns without fear of reprisal, your workplace will be a safer place for everyone. Also why not raise “good catches” and promote valuable observations.

Site Manager Support

Site Manager buy-in is another critical piece of employee compliance. As the most frequent and immediate point of contact with management, site managers have an enormous impact on how employees perceive the importance of safety in the workplace. If site managers send a message that safety doesn’t matter or don’t comply themselves, employees will follow suit and standards will drop and accidents may happen.

Make managing safety…easy – Put safety in everyone’s hands…

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