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Foresight Hub - Health and Safety Software

Foresight Hub have developed a fantastically easy to use EHS software which makes managing Health and Safety easier by ensuring a company’s safety management system is managed effectively and efficiently.

We want to offer this excellent software to selected EHS professionals only. So, if you are delivering H&S training, consultancy, and support to any organisation in any sector, you can take advantage of our very generous offer of up to 50/50 spilt of the fee depending on your involvement.

We are H&S consultants, and we developed this software over the past few years to make managing safety for our clients easier. Imagine walking away from a safety inspection with your safety report fully completed with photos, digital signature and any actions having been emailed to relevant stakeholders with planned completion dates… sound good?

We will provide you with: –

  • The software that includes your branding logo
  • Full Training in how to customise it to your client’s requirements
  • Back up support 24 /7
  • Marketing and sales messages to assist you in selling it to your clients

Please contact us on 1800 938 799 to enquire how this safety software can make a huge difference to the service you currently provide to your clients.

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