Why Choose us?

health and safety

We are experienced Environmental, Health and Safety professionals who have devised a Safety Management System App for business owners / managers and fellow EHS professionals with responsibility for health and safety in places of work.

  • We are constantly investing in improvements and updates like the Covid 19 modules and digital signatures, so users are getting the latest version at all times.
  • The system is flexible and adaptable to each partner and can include own branding giving it a feel and look similar to your own business.
  • We devised the system with users in mind after extensive research with current partners’ needs and what is available elsewhere and want to provide a best in class to our partners.
  • The pricing structure is designed so that partners only pay for what is needed – one module or up to all 6 modules if needed – and the unit price allows micro businesses access to the full range on a per person basis.
  • Our system has excellent features like alerts, tracking, storage, reminders, reports and, much more.
  • We designed this system so it can be used easily by everyone from managers, safety professionals to the users at the coalface via PC, laptop, iPad or mobile phone.
  • We cover many of the safety management system requirements for any sector… from any/all types of checklists, training trackers, Covid-19 features through to incident reporting and tracker, all complete with instant updates on an easy to understand dashboard.

What is does!

With Foresight Hub’s innovative approach, users can;

Track what needs to be done.

Completed Audits & Actions
Safety Documents
Safety Meetings
Training Records
COVID 19 Documents
Back to Work Declarations

Record what was done.

Accident reports
Compliance issues
P.P.E. supplied
Risk Assessments completed
Attendance at meetings
Completed actions
Safety Checklists

Receive Alerts when actions are required or completed.

Outstanding actions
Non – Compliance
Deadline dates

The Safety Management System App


  • Records
  • Audits
  • Meetings


  • Accidents
  • Compliance
  • Completions


  • Deadline dates
  • Outstanding actions
  • Accidents